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Looking for something you saw at NSTA 2017?

Click on the title to get to downloadable pdfs of the activities.


Activities from the Booth

including Soil Painting and
Berlese Funnel

Demonstrations from
our Workshop

including N Cycle, infiltration, and
Web Soil Survey


from the NESTA Earth Systems


Do you have a question about Soil Science or would you like a Soil Scientist to visit your classrom?

Ask a Soil Scientist 


Activities from the Booth


Demonstrations from our Workshop

Nitrogen Cycle Game (available at Windows to the Universe)

Web Soil Survey

Powerpoint on Soil Health



from the NESTA Earth SystemsShare-a-thon.


NSTA info from 2016 and earlier:

Erosion Demonstration

M&Ms are like soil Demonstration

Soil holds a charge (with Koolaid)

(original available at Dr. Dirt)

Careers in Soil Science

Soil is like M&Ms

Naked Hungry and Homeless (youtube video by Dr. Dirt)

Earth as an Apple (youtube video by Dr. Dirt)

Crackers are like weathering (PDF)

Purdue University's Soil Workshop Experiment Packet(PDF)
Presented by Sherry Fulk-Bringman