Career Profiles

Careers in the soil and environmental sciences are as diverse as there are people in the professions. We're now featuring career profiles of members - different employers, job functions, length of time in their career, education, and even hobbies. Below are perspectives of different careers, written by our members!

Soil Scientist

‘A long and winding road’

I am currently a Research Soil Scientist with the USDA-ARS.

Assistant Professor of Soil Physics

I am a soil scientist at Oklahoma State University.

Consulting Soil Scientist in Alaska: Permafrost!

I am a consulting soil scientist specializing in permafrost and soil/ecological connections.

Consulting Soil Scientist/Agronomist

As a consulting soil scientist/agronomist I work to prevent, solve and correct issues associated with soils and plant growth in the industries of production agriculture, mining, oil and gas exploration and transportation and private lands.

Dr. Dirt

Hungry, Homeless, and Breathless

It is the little things that count

I teach in the areas of soil/plant and environmental microbiology and researches the rhizobia and mycorrhizae of soybean.

Molecular Environmental Soil Scientist

I focus on the binding of molecules in soils so we can better optimize plant utilization of plant nutrients and prevent soil contaminants from deteriorating human health and the environment.

My Diverse Life as a Soil Scientist

I consider myself a soil physicist/watershed hydrologist and environmental scientist.

Research soil scientist

Research on urban soil and landscapes

Soil Biogeochemistry

I investigate on the living plants and microbes in the dirt change the soil chemistry of toxic metals and nutrients.

Soil Chemist

I teach and perform research on environmental issues and improving soil for crop growth.

Teaching Soil Science

It started with FFA!